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With its Unique Technology, Daikin's VRV - Series Air Conditioning Systems Meet Virtually Every Customer Need for Small to Large Buildings, whether New or Existing.

The entire
VRV-series line-up incorporates Daikin's proprietary Super Wiring System, which utilizes indoor/outdoor unit tie wires as control signal connections for total system control. The system simplifies wiring work significantly and prevents incorrect connections.

Indoor Units

Outdoor Units

Optional Products

Superb Features of VRV   Easy Installation
The required wiring effort has been dramatically reduced by utilizing the
    indoor/outdoor unit tie wires as control signal connections for total system
    control. This approach reduces the likelihood of incorrect connections and
    makes it easy for the user to retrofit the existing system with a total
    system controller, simply by connecting it to the outdoor unit.

The VRV  Series enables piping and wiring to run from any of three
    directions, the front, side or bottom, according to on-site condition.
VRV  Series dramatically facilitates set-up for concentrating all units
    next to each other in a straight row, saves space, contributes to easier

The auto address setting function allows wiring between indoor and
    outdoor units as well as group control wiring of multiple indoor units
    to be performed without the bothersome task of address setting.


 VRV Series employ the Auto Check Function for connection errors of inter
    unit wiring and piping. This function adopted at the first in the industry,
    and it enable us to easily judge wiring and piping mistakes from the
    lighting ON/OFF of LED on the PC board in the outdoor unit.

* "Sequential starting" is provided as a standard accessory, and no PC
    board adaptor is required.


72 models (11 types) of indoor units are available, ranging from 0.8 HP
    (20 class) to 10 HP (250 class).

How Does the VRV System Benefit Property Owners ?
The DAIKIN VRV  system offers owners considerable SAVING in ENERGY, COSTS and SPACE.
The innovative inverter technology ensures sufficient air conditioning in every stage of operation.
Thanks to the unique REFNET piping system and the compact, lightweight unit design,
VRV  offers a flexible design and easy installation.

What Are the Merits for USERS ?
DAIKIN leads the way to creating convenience.
Precise and smooth temperature control with inverter and sensor technology, multi-functional large-screen LCD
remote control, easy-to-use LCD simple remote control, automatic COOL/HEAT change-over, auto-swing mechanism ( FXYC, FXYF, FXYK, FXYH, & FXYA) for even temperature distribution. The
VRV  System is an advanced system for maximum comfort.

Smart Control Bring Comfort
The Electronic Expansion Valve continuously adjusts the refrigerant volume in respond to load variations of the indoor units. The VRV  system thus maintains comfortable room temperature variations typical of conventional ON/OFF control system. Highly sophisticated PID controls provides room temperature লom set point.

Auto-Restart Function
Even if a lengthy power failure occurs, the VRV  system restarts automatically. As the pre-set memory is not cleared by a power failure, you do not have to reset the programme.

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