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Product Information 

Multi-Split System Air-Conditioners

2  Twin-Con
With models ranging in capacity from  8,700Btu to 20,300Btu in total, the Twin- Con series cools two rooms at the same time, or four rooms on a versatile, multi-system capacity. This means that you may cool one study room and living room during the day, then switch over to two bedroom at night. Its twin-rotary compressors provide hi-efficiency and silent operation, and is an ideal and economical way to cool your entire home.

3 Tri-Con
A breakthrough in Japanese clean-air technology, the Tri-Con  3 x 8,700Btu. This allows you to cool up to three rooms at once or individually, whilst providing whisper-quiet operation and low energy consumption. Tri-Con's contemporary designs also make an ideal match for any home decor.

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