Split Unit or Multi-Split                                          SkyAir & Air-Cooled                                  Inverter System
                                                                                                   Package Unit


                                                                                                              VRV System


A unique wide air-diffusion system effectively cools even the farthest corners of the room.

Compact & Quiet

Featuring a round contour, the lightweight, compact unit      smoothly harmonizes with the room interior. An improved fan  and motor reduce noise to a level lower than that of  conventional models.

Energy saving

Energy efficiency based on the highest technology allows for the extended use of our air-conditioners.

New features translate into more convenience

  • New Powerful Mode
    By just pressing the POWERFUL button will quickly reset the machine for maximum cooling performance from any other operating mode. (The POWERFUL mode automatically turns off in approx. 20 minutes and returns to the previous setting.)

  • Switch on Indoor Unit
    A convenient ON/OFF switch is provided on the indoor unit. You can immediately start the unit operation even if you misplace the remote controller or if the remote controller battery is dead.


  • Auto-Restart
    Even if the power fails when the unit is in operation, operating conditions before the power failure (operation mode, air flow volume, set temperature, timer setting) are memorized so that it will automatically return to the same operating conditions when the power is restored.

  • Auto-Fan Speed
    Fan speed is automatically controlled by the micro-processor to suit the thermostat setting and room  temperature.

  • Self Diagnosis Function
    Malfunction codes are displayed on the liquid crystal panel of the remote- control for fast and easy maintenance.

  • Easy-To-Use LCD Remote Controller
    The remote controller is neatly designed; frequently-used buttons are provided on the outside of the lid, while other preset buttons are provided beneath the lid. The controller is equipped with a large liquid crystal panel. Indications are displayed on the panel in symbols to ensure easy understanding for users. The ON / OFF button is colored yellow so that it can be easily recognized. A raised dot is provided so that users can feel the ON / OFF button in the dark.

  • Air-Purifying Filter with Deodorizing and Disinfecting Function

  • Washable Grill

  • Mold Proof Air Filter
    The filter net is impregnated with a non-hazardous, colourless and odourless mold preventive. This virtually renders the filter immune to mold.

  • Cleaning Indicator
    Dust deposited on the filter not only is unhygienic but reduces air-conditioning efficiency. The alarm lamp lights when the filter needs cleaning.

  • ON/OFF Timer (24-hour)
    Timer can be set to start cooling anytime during a 24-hours period.

  • Night Set Mode
    Through the use of the "Timer-OFF Circuit" the preset room temperature gently rises before the unit stops. So you can sleep more comfortably without feeling a sudden change in room temperature.

  • Program "Dry"
    This function automatically reduces the level of humidity while maintaining the preset indoor temperature.



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